VOD to live

Construct linear emissions with the new grille programmer

With your CMS you have the option of incorporating a schedule programmer that will allow you to create linear broadcasts by joining the VOD assets or other live transmissions.
The system allows you to record/copy/duplicate schedules to make the editing task easier.

Guarantees continuous content broadcast

This tool will enable you to manage the creation of programme schedules or pre-programmed playlists according to a calendar and pre-set times, based on a video catalogue.

Create a stream

You have several options for creating a stream:

1.- External live stream
You can create a stream based simply on a URL for a pre-existing live broadcast. You can also opt to define the EPG to set the transmissions from the live channel on the calendar.

2.- Scheduled from assets
If no live channel exists providing the broadcast, it is possible to define a stream by using any of the assets in the catalogue as the source. This option allows you to choose the transmission days and the assets to be broadcast on each day.

3.- Asset Playlist
It will be possible to search for assets from a CMS database through a search tool. Each asset will be accessible for editing or removal. In addition, the entry and end (clipping) times can be adjusted to achieve clean transitions between the contents.