Retention and Reactivation

Maintaining communication with your audience and learning about their interaction with your service is the key to improving your results in the long term. Learn more about our CRM, Analytics, and BI solutions.



We make sense of your database of users by integrating them into your own CRM system or by configuring a specific system for your business that allows you to keep on top of your clients’ behavior: records, ups and downs, incidences, promotions etc.


Once the information structure is created the situation of the business is known we apply analytical models that allow the management of clients and allow you to maximize the value of your product.


Online video is extremely vast in terms of customer demographics. We analyse your database of users according to different ways they act with the product and predict behaviours that will impact your business.

Learn first hand how our specialized products take the experience of your audience to a higher level and retain their presence. 


Recommendation engine that employs a genetic algorithm and tries all combinations possible in Mahout/ Taste, with more than 87.000 different configurations. It adapts to changes in behaviour and tendencies of any service and allows a constant optimisation of the results.  


Engine based on semantic parameters and metadata, capable of efficiently offering the most relevant content related to a given item, taking into account key parameters in video products, as well as a high degree of personalization, incorporating additional variables such as duration, age or views.


Though the design of a structure of storage and treatment of optimised data, the real time data module allows the monitoring of the keys to a business at the same time that they occur, in order to make the most of high traffic periods, content specific tendencies and high potential campaigns.