Our Channels

We build the entire value chain of distribution of digital content, covering:

A profitable business model for the content creators

Websites and video apps development  

Aggregation of content in niches with great value to device manufacturers

Brands with segmented audiences and premium content for advertiser

Meet some of our channels:

Documentales-online is a multiscreen platform with the best documentaries on demand, that aims to gather productions of science and nature to a curious audience. The brand is entirely developed by Fractal Media, and it is available in Web and Smart TV.

A platform designed to revive, without waiting, all the episodes of the most successful Latin American television series and soap operas, available in web and Smart TV.

Peliculasmaniac is a multiscreen platform with films on demand, spanning over 200 hours of classic films. The movies categories are: comedy, action, drama, war, horror, classic, western, etc., and the platform is available through WebTV and Smart TV applications, entirely developed with FractalMedia technology.

La primera plataforma OTT de vídeo inteligente, dedicada a ofrecerte los mejores contenidos relacionados con la salud, el desarrollo personal y la espiritualidad. Producción propia de cursos completos de Yoga, Meditación, Tantra, Superalimentos y mucho más.

Known companies that have already trusted our technology strategy and content.