Dashboard with BI

Manage in a unified way all the data that will allow you to understand your OTT business

Accessible from Fractal Media CMS, it allows the incorporation of a Business Intelligence dashboard allowing you to track your users’ behaviour and create real statistics based on their activity on the different platforms.

What your users watch and where they watch it

With this facility, you will know which of your contents they like best and secure the loyalty of your audience. It provides data about how many views your content has had, time per device, period of time, country and the view ranking by channel / sub-channel and the geographic area from where the data is gathered.

Learn about your types of users:

  • User operations
  • Subscriber operations
  • Subscriber life cycle
  • Subscriber loyalty
  • Subscribers by payment plans
  • Unique users and recurring users

Key information for making decisions on a SVOD

With the information identifying the behaviour of your users, at Fractal Media, we analyse all the data necessary to maximize the lifetime value of your product, minimizing acquisition cost per customer and improving the conversion funnel, we redefine new market niches, re-segment campaigns and implement many other actions to guarantee the stability of your market position.